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“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.”
~ Wayne Dyer

Since the start of my blog I have written about lessons and teaching that I ran across in my journeys. The title of this series is Living with Purpose. Basically applying the lessons, principles and ideas. Nothing happens without motion. Great ideas, great challenges or a life of purpose just does not happen, it must be lived. It is easy to become a collector of useful quotes, nifty sayings, great thoughts and lessons learned and never applying the principles.

First and foremost the person who written down their goals and dreams have over 80% more chance of success than those who do not write these down. I have kept journals for years and in these journals I often write about my dreams, goals and wishes. It’s amazing in reading back over the writings I can see where I have accomplished the items or am closer to reaching the goals because I have taken action.

I have been a student of Bob Proctor for several years. I keep hearing him as he challenges the audience to make their yearly income in a month. I have yet to accomplish this. Yet I believe it is possible and have thought of a few ways this could be accomplished. So planning and execution of the plan is the second level of living with purpose.

The are many who are quick to let you know your plans are not producing anything. Most people I have learned my criticize or condemn others but they are actually hoping that you do succeed. They have lost their belief the pain the feel comes out in venomous attacks. When actually they are urging you to prove them wrong. Have you ever watched a movie or say a sporting event where the person is pushing to reach their goals and they keep a planning and altering their plans until they reach the desired goal. Remember the exhilaration you felt or maybe you cried as they reached the goal. This was become some part of you associated with the other person and their struggles. So Third is allow yourself to dream, but don’t leave it as a dream set action plans and actively work toward the dream or goal. If the plan isn’t working keep reviewing what works and keep it, what doesn’t change it until you reach the dream or goal.

Things to ponder;

Write it down – writing down a goal, dream or plan gives you a distinct advantage over those who do not.

Planning and execution of the plan, goal or dream is critical. You must have a plan once this creative process has occurred do the next step immediately do something that will help you reach it.

Keep working your plan. If you find something isn’t working analyze it and alter your plans. Keep doing this until it does work. You did this when you learned to walk and talk!

Claiming Victory in 2013 – April 11th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“The only reward of virtue is virtue. The only way to have a friend is to be one.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The ancients discussed the value of virtue. The choice to lead a life of good, life of truth and life based on values is a choice to elevate yourself. Spiritual and religious realms teach that by living a life of virtue you honor the creator. Some practices teach that by living a life of virtue and trying to attain the path of enlightenment that we reach a point of being like the creator. This is the age old conversation of whose belief is correct. The only reward of virtue is virtue, your reward is a life based on values which will help you grow and become more than you are or were.

It may also be looked at as a parent providing a path for their child. A community which works to raise the values of the community and help out each citizen. So regardless how you look at or argue about virtue, it is the path to that which most of us seek.

To do good, to be truthful, to raise above prior performance is to practice virtue. What you seek you will find.

Similar, is the idea of relationships. To want a relationship you have to be the person you are seeking. To earn a friend you have to be that friend to others. To want a husband or wife you have to be the wife or husband.

Claiming Victory in 2013 – April 10th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.’
~ William James

Throughout the centuries in many languages, many styles we have been told how we believe, our thoughts attract and create this mental image into reality. How could this be? Does this seem like a bunch of hype?

The other day while playing a word search I was noticing that when looking for a particular word the other words were hardly noticed. The letters and arrangement of letters was what I noticed. Soon the word being sought for was found. The puzzle was being filtered for a certain combination of letters.

This is an example of how our mind filters the input from our environment. Without the ability to filter the input, we would be on information overload all the time. The mere number of possible inputs would be more than anyone could handle. You can imagine that there are many more things happening around us which we are unaware. Our brain is filtering the input, just as it did while working on the word search. What we seek, we shall find.

Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 10th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“All transformations begin with a transformation of consciousness.”
~ James Arthur Ray, Harmonic Wealth

The subconscious mind is constantly at work, morning or night,asleep or awake. In attempts to change the paradigm, the subconscious mind is like a guardian.

Thought is just an idea, a new program. When attempting to create change the subconscious mind must accept the change. The old and the new paradigm cannot exist together. The subconscious will attempt to override the new paradigm.

Attempts to introduce new programs to the subconscious mind causes conflict and creates what Bob Proctor describes as the Terror Barrier. Once past the the point where the old paradigm and the new paradigm integrate as one then transformation occurs.

Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 9th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“Without faith to act as a governor, the human mind is a runaway worry generator, a dynamo of negative expectations. And because your life is yours to shape as you wish with free will, if you entertain too much anxiety about too many things, if you place no trust in providence, what you fear will more often come to pass. We make so many of our own troubles, from mere mishaps to disasters, by dwelling on the possibility of them until the possible becomes inevitable.”

~ Dean Koontz – Odd Apocalypse

Through the fictional character of Odd Thomas, Dean Koontz, has been able to bring forth the principles of self development and personal power! Odd Thomas has many reason to feel a victim. His intuition and ability to see the souls that have yet to travel to the other world marks him as different. His simple views on life, his youth and limited occupational skills could be a limit for this young man. Instead he knows he has a purpose to help others passing through this world and to assist them turn events that have gone wrong and bring it back to order. His action makes him a hero, a victor and not a victim.

Every action we take alters our destiny. Even if the direction is only altered by a degree today, if the future it alters our destiny in gigantic measures. I am sure someone is saying this is fiction, get real! It is fiction, but it is mimicking life. This is the thoughts of the creator Dean Koontz and his life experiences placed in to the character of Odd Thomas. Odd Thomas is actually in my belief part of our lives, a person who wants to do good, be better.

Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 8th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“Sometimes not to take a risk is to embrace failure.”
~ Dean Koontz – Odd Apocalypse

Have you ever been at a point where a decision had to be made? Where the decision carried with it the possibility of failure? I have been at this point several times recently. The more you focus on the possible outcomes the more paralyzed you become. Therefore not to take the risk is to certainly embrace failure!

The laws that govern this is the Law of Attraction, what we focus on comes our way. You might be saying but I don’t want it to happen, then why are you spending energy focusing on what you don’t want? Wether we want something to happen or not is the factor. It is where our focus goes!

You can spend all day experessing you don’t want to be broke, without money and scratching for every penny but do you see where this thought is focused? Instead focus on what you want, act like what you want is happening, capturing the feeling and make room for it in your life! If you have a mountain of bills, where is the montain of money going to reside? If you want a spouse but everywhere you look it reminds you of being single where is your focus? If you want peace but you fill your mind with anger, news of violence, feeling the despair you wont have peace!

Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 7th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“The best part of a Mr. Goodbar is not the wrapper, is it? No, and the best part of a Coke is not the can. On those nights when you lie awake, either man or boy, wondering about yourself, peeling away one layer of oddness after another, you should remember and always be grateful that the woefully imperfect person that you are, with all your contradictions and unworthy desires, is not the best of you, any more than the wrapper is the best part of a Mr. Goodbar.”
~ Dean Koontz – Odd Apocalypse

You are who you are for a reason. You are unique and created by an awesome power, to assume that we are less than the best or flawed is to suggest that the creator has made and error. You were made as you are and it is up to you to be grateful and use the gift. I can hear many of you stating well Dan, what about those who have been born with a birth defect or suffered an injury or whatever which may have occurred? Everything that has happened to us is something that builds our experiences and character. It makes us unique and it gives us the ability to help others.

You are more than your outer cover. However you are also unique and have the awesome ability to be a force of good no matter what circumstances may have come your way! You can not deny this! How can you use your uniqueness to help others?

Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 6th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“What does worry accomplish except to breed more worry?”

I believe the above quote came from James Ray’s book, “Harmonic Wealth.” I search the quote and could not find it. I wrote it down recently but with no reference as to the origin. I found the quote true and to the point. When we spend time worrying it seem to multiply. Worse, what we worry about often comes true. Call it the law of attraction, self fulfilling prophecy or however you want to label it. It does multiply.

Action or motion helps to replace worry. Worry is usually just an indicator that we need to take action. If used as an alert and then taking action, worry can be avoided and the issue corrected. Certainly left as is with no action, the issue will fester like a thorn under the skin.

Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 5th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

A story of friendship…

When we moved to Bremerton, we had some awesome neighbors. We became good friends with the Olsons who lived on the corner across from us. For a while Orvin stayed elsewhere after his wife passed away, but then he returned. He had been taking care of the widows doing odds jobs and keeping up their yards. He then enlisted me in the service. It was a paid opportunity but it was also a social responsibility as theses people needed assistance with chores. I never knew what type of a job he was going to suggest. Thankfully it was mainly moving and edging lawns. He knew I was not fond of heights! Mr. Olson had to be in his mid 80’s and was sure footed as any one.

One day I was awakened to stomping and banging on our roof. Looking out the window the sun hadn’t yet peak out to meet the day. Unsure what was happening I put on some clothes and me and my dad went out to take a look. We get out in the yard and there is Orvin on the roof. Dad asked Orvin what he was doing and he stated, just getting a head start. We needed to put on a new roof and he was getting the measurements so they could pick up the materials to do the job. Dad tried to talk Orvin out of getting on the roof but he would hear of it! The two widows next door were concerned but knew Orvin could not be talked out of helping.

When my sister wanted a car Dad knew a car dealer he trusted near Portland, Oregon. Mom, Dad and my sister were off to Portland. I got to stay home however Orvin knocked on the door and asked me to come to dinner. I was half unsure about this as Orvin was Norwegian and he had a craving for some funny dishes like Lutefish. The meal was more noodles and vegetables which was okay. However, after dinner he had a healthy tea he wanted me to drink. It did not smell very good. I tried to politely back away but he wouldn’t hear of it. Dad and Mom finally came home, Dad came over to see if I was visiting with Orvin. I didn’t have to drink that drink!

You could always count of Orvin or Rose when she was alive. They were neighbors and friends. Orvin never stopped doing things for others and continued climbing as sure footed as anyone. Rose passed on in the early 80’s. Orvin was lost without her, but continued to visit neighbors all over Bremerton, doing yard work, handy man, just being a friend. I certainly miss the late night visit from Rose and those from Orvin at anytime of the day or evening! Orvin moved away for a time and passed on in the late 80’s. I miss you both!

Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 4th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“Your nature is not the problem. The problem is that you have become alienated from your nature — from your power source.”
~ Laurie Helgoe

We are unique! A wonderful creation. Yet we spend time wondering what is our purpose, seeking our purpose, wondering what is wrong with who we are. The issue is not knowing your purpose, it is not that you are necessarily wrong what is happening is that we are not connected with the source of life. When you return to your source things will begin to fall into place. Your purpose, is not something necessarily that will envelope you but you will envelope as you develop your passion.

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