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The Force by Danny J. Stevens

March 17th , Day 77, Giant Steps into 2012

Napolean Hill wrote about the power of imagination in his works, “Think and Grow Rich.”  Hill recites the story of the enchanted kettle in Chapter 5.  The owner bought the kettle with his life savings and the kettle has provided for the lives of many.  It has transformed communities, built and maintains universities.  The principle behind the enchanted kettle has helped and affected the lives of millions.

The imagination is man’s power of creation.  Hill left us with the statement, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive, and believe, it can achieve.”  This is is the basis behind the Universal Law of Attraction. 

The force is the faculty of the mind called the imagination.  Tony reminds us in this lesson that it has been proven many times over that our brains cannot tell the difference between something we vividly imagine and something we actually experience.  Dr. Denis Waitely was a member of the Olympic Training team.  He stated the vital signs of those running a race were the same as those who vividly imagined running the same race.

Knowing this and practicing the power of imagination where could you use this?  Is there something that you would love to accomplish but you have never done before?  Can you imagine yourself completing this successfully?  Hill stated that the lack of use of imagination may have left the faculty weak; however it can be strengthened by daily use.  Take action, use your imagination!

The story of the Enchanted Kettle is true, not a fairy tale.  The company behind the story is Coca-Cola. 

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