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Reflection on a Famous Quote – March 18th, 2012, Quote, by Danny J. Stevens

“There is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving.”

Henry Drummond

There would likely have been some excitement or happiness in the initial process of reach towards the goal.   The issue Henry is talking about is that in order to succeed depends on your level of service to others. While reaching for dream you are providing a service, you are experiencing the adventure of the unknown, the certainty of your abilities and dreams. 

Because of this service to others, the adventure and certainty your reward was reaching your goal or achievement of your dream.  The happiness comes in the process, not in the attainment.  You may have stated I will be happy when I achieve this goal.  The truth is the happiness is in the path to goal.  There is nothing wrong with wanting possessions or the rewards of the fruit of your labor.  However, realize that the happiness is not in the getting or having, it is in our service to others.


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