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Information on the Landmark Forum  By Danny J. Stevens

I received a voice mail from a friend whom I hadn’t spoken with since June 2008.  We met at Wealth Mastery a Tony Robbins event.   I returned his call and found out that he was very excited about a program he has been attending in Dallas, TX.    

The program is called the Landmark Forum.   John told me that the Introduction course was conducted in a day (maybe it was a weekend).   After the inital event you have ten weeks of working with a team , which was built at the inital meeting.  You are also assigned a coach.   The interesting twist on the coaching program is that those who have went through the program and wish to volunteer  do so (not only to help , but to also experience the event again at no charge).   

John was telling me that Dallas does not has a Landmark center but the Landmark Forum is very active in Texas, specifically Dallas and Austin.   The Seattle center has as many classes as the volunteer efforts in Texas!

Will check this information out.   John also stated that it is possible to attend parts of a real class to determine if you want to become involved.   Currently there is a 20% discount on the class.  The introductory class for the Seattle area runs approximately $395.00.

The networking options in this environment is awesome!

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