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Reflection on a Famous Quote – March 23rd, 2012, by Danny J. Stevens

“There is always another chance.  …This thing that we call “failure” is not the falling down, but the staying down.”

~Mary Pickford

It is said that you can judge a man not by the number of times he fails, but by the number of times he is willing to get back up.  Failure is only failure if you leave it in that state.  You may have to re-group, re-build, stand back up but you can only claim failure when you give up trying.  When the difficulties had beaten you down in to mud, is there enough determination in your soul to stand up one more time? 

There is always another chance… that is if you will allow.  Nobody else is in control.  Nobody else will help you win.  This is your responsibility.  It is your test.  You cannot lose if you continue to plan.  You have to be in the game to win the prize. Failure to stand back up means death of the soul. 

Nobody else can give you another chance!  This is what you have to do for yourself.  It is there but you have to stand back up and re-enter the game.


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