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Reflection on a Famous Quote – January 4, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
~ Dr. Seuss

Everything you have experienced this far in you life either good or bad has served to build you in to a wonderful human being. If you prefer you don’t have to believe this. If you do not the meaning of the events change. Nothing in life has any meaning except that which we give it. Take a few moment to contemplate that. This is why if you ask a group of people what an event means you will get a variety of answers, based on the rules that individuals have created and their belief systems which they have in place. Therefore if there is no meaning choose one which will empower you the best. We can hide, throw fits, feel depressed about an event or feel sorry that something occurred or we can choose to be happy it happened.

Someone will state well this is flawed thinking. If a loved one passes we should be sad. This is a rule that the person has. We can choose to be thankful that the person was in our life and that we had the opportunity to know them, learn from them and enjoy their presence while they were here. This goes along with asking yourself better questions. Rather than ask, “Why did they have to die?”, you could ask, “How was my life changed by knowing this person?” You may have to work on the questions to pull out something you can smile about, however everyone has flaws and quirks. My Great Grandma Della Currier stated, “The world is full of a variety of people. This keeps life interesting and never boring.” You can see in her comments that her views are that life happens and it happens that way to keep us from being bored. Everyone can add value to the day.

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