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Reflection on a Famous Quote – January 7, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“Every man dies. Not every man really lives.”
~ William Wallace

Assuming there are no immortals present we humans are born and have a finite life span. We may have life, but we may no live. Either through rituals, beliefs, fears, or slough the human may find way to just exist. We are all controlled by the need to avoid pain and the wish to gain pleasure. This is the underlying make up of our thinking. What differs is what we link to pain and to pleasure. What is one persons pleasure, could be another pain.

Have you ever wanted to have fun but because of a rule you live by you could not allow it? Have you ever wanted to do something but again it violated a rule of yours or a loved ones? Does breaking that rule mean pain? Certainly there are situations where you will want to follow your moral guidelines and belief systems. There are ways were you can still live life to it fullest and get out of each day the most you can.

It has been stated the human mind is used less the 10% in a person lifetime. Why is it when we have the ability to use such a powerful tool that it goes unused? Why do we opt for rest and recreation or diverson instead of forging forward to realize our dreams? For each of us it is a personal journey and one where we need to seek the answers.

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