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Claiming Victory in 2013 – January 11th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“The future fairly startles me with its impending greatness. We are on the verge of undreamed progress.”

~ Henry Ford

We are on the verge of undreamed progress! Why is it then we seem to be seeing a failing world economy? I believe there are forces which are using the economy and fear to sculpt the world in their favor. While we are focusing on the failures, fearing and wondering how to survive there are those who have no economic issues. Therefore in 2013 claim your victory, create your own economy, take charge of your life.

When we look towards the future we see the movement for a clean environment, the possibilities are endless in adjusting and many possibilities. If we look around at the advances there is opportunity. We in a global marketplace thanks to the internet and the ability to communicate 24/7 instantly across the earth. This does pose change but there are boundless opportunities.

Bill Gates in the few books he has written foretold how the best jobs will be those where the employees would be available to follow where ever they were needed. We are seeing this in the job market and companies need to adjust strategies and sometimes locations. Those who are willing to be flexible keep the jobs, the pay and are seen ask being valuable to the company.

If we change our focus and opened our thoughts and became flexible what would our future be like? Rather than succumb to the fear look at ways to be flexible. Look for ways to provide more than what you are given. Understand that if you are valuable some companies will attempt to keep you right where you are until your value diminishes. Understand this and adjust. The only way to advance is to be worth more than what is required and doing more than expected. The company leadership, if they are bright will understand in order to keep the talent they won’t be able to keep you where you are currently.

As you compare the workforce around the world you have huge pools of talent and some are available and willing to perform the work at a significantly reduced rate. How can you compete? One of the weaknesses is quality. Certain quality can not be produced when the cost per unit is low. Certain customer experiences can not be established when your pushing to meet a lean service level agreement. Yes there has been change! It just requires us all to step up and be at the top of our game!

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