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Claiming Victory in 2013 – January 13th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“The trouble is if you don’t spend your life yourself, other people spend it for you.”
~ Peter Shaffer

Aristotle, a philosopher stated, “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Noticing that every space had to be filled with something. This is true about various aspects of life. One being who controls your life. If you do not take control, a parent, guardian or someone with good intentions or not will assume control. In a socialistic society which our has become others believe that they know what is best for you. They believe that you don’t know how to serve your own best interest. This is contrasted by those who believed in Free Enterprise and let you make your own decision. In the Free Enterprise system there are no safety nets, social programs or anyone looking to take better care of you than you can provide yourself. Today, in order to protect you, a group of people try to control your life by passing laws to protect you from your self and others.

Someone is always willing to take control, regardless of the circumstances or outcomes. Standing by and letting someone control your life robs you of self esteem, and over time robs you of the ability to take control of you life. This happens with Unemployment, Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, Medicad, SSI, Parole and other examples. With every law, government program or allowing anyone to manage your life undermines your ability to do so for yourself. The good news if you just have to re-claim control by just doing it for yourself, you know better than anyone else how to take care of your life. The sad news is if you are getting support you must follow the dictates of the program or you may be disqualified for the program and or owe money back tThis include how you spend your time, what you spend it one, and why you do so.

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