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Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 1st, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“Never put off writing until you are better at it.”
~ Gary Henderson

We often fail to act as we are waiting until we can do a job perfectly. My mother always wanted to write. She had only a grade school education not because of lack of desire or want but due to the economy and resources available while she was growing up. Her mother was a single mother, the time was in the middle of the great depression. By the time she graduated for grade school she was expected to go to work and help with the economy of the family.

I tried to encourage her to write and I would help to edit her work. She felt self-conscious about not going to high school or beyond. I remember when I decided to return to school as obtain my bachelor’s degree she thought I would think she was not worthy. Unfortunately, I started at the University in October of 2007 and she was taken to the hospital the beginning of January 2008. She never spoke or communicated more than a half of dozen words until she passed on in August of 2008. She died with the book(s) still within her.

I am encouraged by all the other writers who suggest writing for 15 minutes or longer each and every day in a journal or a blog. Within a short time you will have enough material for a decent sized book. I loved my mother deeply, however I wish that her, “if only” would have been, “I has been done.”

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