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Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 3rd, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

“We cannot start over…. But we can ‘Start Now’ and make a New ending ending ”
~ Zig Ziglar

We are all responsible for everything we do, think or say in our life. It is important to take full responsibility for these things. It is also important to realize the past is what it is and can not be changed. Regardless if it was marred by a horrible event, claim responsibility for the event and then begin again! Although, we can not change the details of the past, we can change the details going forward.

There are examples of this in many religions and cultures. For the Christian religion imagine a warrior who was dead set to prosecute those who followed the Christ. One day on his mission, he was blinded by a light and from that point Saul of Tarus started a new path. That path lead him to be the Apostle Paul.

You are encouraged for whatever dream you have… begin again!

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