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Claiming Victory in 2013 – February 5th, 2013, by Danny J. Stevens

A story of friendship…

When we moved to Bremerton, we had some awesome neighbors. We became good friends with the Olsons who lived on the corner across from us. For a while Orvin stayed elsewhere after his wife passed away, but then he returned. He had been taking care of the widows doing odds jobs and keeping up their yards. He then enlisted me in the service. It was a paid opportunity but it was also a social responsibility as theses people needed assistance with chores. I never knew what type of a job he was going to suggest. Thankfully it was mainly moving and edging lawns. He knew I was not fond of heights! Mr. Olson had to be in his mid 80’s and was sure footed as any one.

One day I was awakened to stomping and banging on our roof. Looking out the window the sun hadn’t yet peak out to meet the day. Unsure what was happening I put on some clothes and me and my dad went out to take a look. We get out in the yard and there is Orvin on the roof. Dad asked Orvin what he was doing and he stated, just getting a head start. We needed to put on a new roof and he was getting the measurements so they could pick up the materials to do the job. Dad tried to talk Orvin out of getting on the roof but he would hear of it! The two widows next door were concerned but knew Orvin could not be talked out of helping.

When my sister wanted a car Dad knew a car dealer he trusted near Portland, Oregon. Mom, Dad and my sister were off to Portland. I got to stay home however Orvin knocked on the door and asked me to come to dinner. I was half unsure about this as Orvin was Norwegian and he had a craving for some funny dishes like Lutefish. The meal was more noodles and vegetables which was okay. However, after dinner he had a healthy tea he wanted me to drink. It did not smell very good. I tried to politely back away but he wouldn’t hear of it. Dad and Mom finally came home, Dad came over to see if I was visiting with Orvin. I didn’t have to drink that drink!

You could always count of Orvin or Rose when she was alive. They were neighbors and friends. Orvin never stopped doing things for others and continued climbing as sure footed as anyone. Rose passed on in the early 80’s. Orvin was lost without her, but continued to visit neighbors all over Bremerton, doing yard work, handy man, just being a friend. I certainly miss the late night visit from Rose and those from Orvin at anytime of the day or evening! Orvin moved away for a time and passed on in the late 80’s. I miss you both!

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