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“Everything in the universe has a purpose. Indeed, the invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you.”
~ Wayne Dyer

Since the start of my blog I have written about lessons and teaching that I ran across in my journeys. The title of this series is Living with Purpose. Basically applying the lessons, principles and ideas. Nothing happens without motion. Great ideas, great challenges or a life of purpose just does not happen, it must be lived. It is easy to become a collector of useful quotes, nifty sayings, great thoughts and lessons learned and never applying the principles.

First and foremost the person who written down their goals and dreams have over 80% more chance of success than those who do not write these down. I have kept journals for years and in these journals I often write about my dreams, goals and wishes. It’s amazing in reading back over the writings I can see where I have accomplished the items or am closer to reaching the goals because I have taken action.

I have been a student of Bob Proctor for several years. I keep hearing him as he challenges the audience to make their yearly income in a month. I have yet to accomplish this. Yet I believe it is possible and have thought of a few ways this could be accomplished. So planning and execution of the plan is the second level of living with purpose.

The are many who are quick to let you know your plans are not producing anything. Most people I have learned my criticize or condemn others but they are actually hoping that you do succeed. They have lost their belief the pain the feel comes out in venomous attacks. When actually they are urging you to prove them wrong. Have you ever watched a movie or say a sporting event where the person is pushing to reach their goals and they keep a planning and altering their plans until they reach the desired goal. Remember the exhilaration you felt or maybe you cried as they reached the goal. This was become some part of you associated with the other person and their struggles. So Third is allow yourself to dream, but don’t leave it as a dream set action plans and actively work toward the dream or goal. If the plan isn’t working keep reviewing what works and keep it, what doesn’t change it until you reach the dream or goal.

Things to ponder;

Write it down – writing down a goal, dream or plan gives you a distinct advantage over those who do not.

Planning and execution of the plan, goal or dream is critical. You must have a plan once this creative process has occurred do the next step immediately do something that will help you reach it.

Keep working your plan. If you find something isn’t working analyze it and alter your plans. Keep doing this until it does work. You did this when you learned to walk and talk!

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