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Organization, Efficiency and Accountability by Danny J. Stevens

Tonight I finished my Marketing class, seems that this class has required more time than previous classes.  I have wanted to post blog updates daily but felt compelled to spend any free time I had working on my homework.  I have even made the updates to the blog a point of accountability to accountability group of which I am a member.   Having not met the post the week prior I agreed to a number which I thought I could meet.

I am a few minutes past midnight, however I will meet two of three post with a blemish of being about 30 minutes late.   I found these past few weeks I felt under pressure and I lacked the ability to feel empowered and able to work through my daily goals.

I have been recently listening to Jack Canfield on Maximum Confidence.  Jack Canfield is the founder of “The Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and one of the teachers on the movie, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.  In this audio program Jack was explaining how undone activities sap our strength and efficiency each time we see or feel the undone event.    It is important to examine what we have left undone, unsaid and then be truthful to ourselves if we do not intend to complete or do something or to set out and complete an item. 

I thought about this lesson a lot through the day.  In the past when I have felt disorganized and inefficient and lacking accountability it was because of the large amount of projects which were left unresolved.   Does this mean I was lazy or worthless?  No!  But no matter how much I had intended good things, the results were poor.

Jack explains the time management skills with clarity and I will write about the results in the future.    The important message for this writing is the limiting effects undone activities have upon us and could paralyze us from being organized, efficient and accountable.    

We need to indentify the undone items in our life.   We need to contact the person and renegotiate the contract.  If we don’t intend to complete the item, then we need to tell the person that for these reasons you have decided not to complete this item.  If you will do the items set a reasonable date of completion and file it in the inbox or in the folder for the month when you will do the said activity.  Clear away the items which are not resolved from your sight.  Using the 10 minute rule takes the items which are unresolved and determine if you need to give energy to this item, or should it be done by somebody else.  If it is your item to do and can be done in 10 minutes or less – do it now.

I am guilty of the next charge!  In attempts to reach the important items I sorted through the list and put the most important things first.  It works for a while until the gap of medium to not important list of items becomes extremely large and cluttering the areas where we work reminding us by sight what needs to be done and sapping our energy. 

Do each item as it comes up!  You need to write a short note and mail it to someone, do it now.  You need to walk across the hall to get a photocopy.  Do it now and send the item on.  Make the rules for handling the inbox that you will not go to sleep until the inbox is clean. 

I heard a variation of these rules years ago, but have never practiced the activity.  Since listening to this I have started identifying my unfinished items and removing them from my work area.  I will work on resolving these unresolved items and keeping my inbox managed.

Tonight I have cleaned my inbox and will begin a new day tomorrow.  I feel good about this strategy and I don’t have that sick feeling that I am not getting things accomplished.  I will keep you updated on this simple management process.

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