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Turning Plans into Breakthroughs, 2016! – January 1, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Each year many create resolutions for the New Year! Statistics are overwhelming that most resolutions will be broken in the first few weeks, more in the coming months and few will hold the resolution through the new year!

We are creators of habit. Our environment, words and feeling will hold us to how we think most of the time. I basically understood this principle for many years, but I still allowed my thoughts to focus on what I didn’t want to happen. Worst, I gave creation to the thoughts by speaking them out loud.

We must be diligent in guarding our thoughts, and what we speak. Thoughts will come that are opposite of what you want to accomplish or downright defeating. If your new to this information, your thoughts may be filled with negativity, doubt, fear or unbelief in your self. This is nothing new, it happens to all of us but just as you would train to win a game you must train yourself to remove the negativity, doubt, fear and disbelief from our thoughts, speech and action.

How? You first off decide you want to attain what you have planned. Second you might have self-defeating thoughts, but never speak or write about them! When those thoughts enter your mind, you will hopefully recognize them and then you must rephrase and adjust the thoughts so they are focusing on the desired results. For example you might think – I am just an average person how can I do this? The problem here is the tone. It is okay to focus on the question, how can I do this? More valuable though is being specific and asking yourself how you can make your desire come to pass? If you are still getting the negative answers, change the question.

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