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Turning Plans into Breakthroughs, 2016, Part 2! – January 2, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Last year I have all kinds of distractions such as a job which was increasing in pressure and the load was about to to grow in unreal proportions. I had financial pressures that I was having difficulty finding a solution. Then my father passed away, he was 91, but he was well, had his mind and we expected him to live for several more years as he wanted to reach his 100 years. Then I lost my job not only the increase in work but the need to take off time to arrange for my fathers funeral. So 2015, you will notice I didn’t submit a post here. I lost focus.

I was listening to an audio I had of James Arthur Ray and he reminded me that for everything we pay a price. If we want to be a huge success, than that price might be eating meals away from home, seeing the family less, making decisions which will help the business but may not always be according to family plan. We all have our values and determine what we will choose but the main point is there is a price to pay. For me I opted to support my family during the passing of my father, my supervisor was not happy as she was days away from announcing a major offering which would mean even more time and pressure at work. We only have so much time id a day and in a life. We need to examine what we are willing to trade for this time. This doesn’t have to be negative. I choose to work to help me reach my dreams and be with family and friends. It was not the price that needed to be paid for this position. Sometimes difficult decisions need to be confronted and then the solution needs to be implemented.

Distraction are life, they happen! Despite all the plans something might come along and force a change to happen. It would be easy to drop the dream or complain, but if you know what you want distraction become only temporary and then you’re right back in there and continuing your work to reach the dreams!

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