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Turning Plans into Breakthroughs, 2016, Part 3! – January 3, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

I am an expert planner. I plan around the clock and create dream boards and I am one who can concentrate on every detail. Does this sound like someone you know? I also find a ton of things mostly unrelated that need to get done. It’s as if I give myself an excuse for not reaching out and working on dream! I know this is probably hitting home to some, at least in one form or maybe another!

With some action, your written goals and plans are mere dreams. Worse they are dreams which while be unrealized this year and likely for years to come! I have been planning and setting goals to write a book since I was a teen, and that has been 40-50 years ago! I mention this not to discourage you! I mention this to help you past the the stumbling blocks I created on my own path! I am applying action and do hope to at least self-publish a book in 2016.

Goals I have learned can have extensions and may take longer than you think to actually produce the desired end. The clue here though is to take action! Never leave a planning session or goal setting session without applying an action which will move you closer to reaching your dream. This is what is called adding momentum. Many will probably start a LLC which should offer protection against the unknown and unseen possible issue.

Here is a challenge for you today! Take each goal or dream and list a small list of 10 or so items you can do to realize this goal or dream. When can you take action. take action on two – three items.

Once you have the habit you are well on your way to meeting and reaching your Goalss and dreams. Always take some action after such sessions. Always take some action which will bring you a step or two closer to reaching your goals and dream.

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