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Become Unstoppable! – January 13, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Becoming Unstoppable to me means, To resolve, to make a commitment to yourself to find a way. When faced with what seems to be an impossible situations using your creativity, drive, imagination an determination to find ways. Usually we limit our vision to one or a few possible ways we believe that a possible ways to get something done, create something or resolve an issue. When those avenues seem to be blocked or sealed we get depressed and are focusing on the problem, the inability or lack. What do we get back? Inability and lack.

When you start a project, business, work on a dream or goal we usually ask ourselves, “How can I make this happen?” Great, as it engages us to look for possible solutions. We are expecting to find a way. Somehow in the process as doors, windows and even cracks appear to dry up our thinking turns to I have tried it all and nothing works. That in and of itself is not a full truth! Had you tried it all, you would have found a way. You might say I tried thousands of ways. Did you? Number them and write them down. You might say I tried hundred of ways. Did you? Number them and write them down. You might come back and say I tried many ways. Write them down. The resultant list is a success in finding however many times you tried for the purposes here lets say it was 52. You found 52 ways that didn’t work. How many should you try? How bad do you want whatever it is you are try to achieve? Then you keep trying and finding new ways which may or may not work. You keep refining the question of How can I make this happen, until you find ways to accomplish what you are attempting to do.

If you cannot find a way, ask yourself a different question? Such as How did other find ways to make this happen, that I can use? What ways could I make this happen if I could change the rules? Can I change the rules?

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