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Being Persistent and Decisive – January 7, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Only working a business every once in a while or working towards a goal or dream only when you feel like it wont necessarily lead to success. When learning to play an instrument there is a commitment, practice regularly, repeating the fundamentals and learning scales, you need to attend the proper way to play and then don’t be afraid to experiment.

I ran a mail order business for home computers. It was necessary that I keep my name out in front of those who were my prospective customers. Attending computer shows as a vendor, writing articles in the magazines my customers frequented, attending user group meetings and when asked for special events to cover these as well. It took a drive as does any business.

You also need to develop your power of decision. I was brought up to be cautious, plan, figure, discuss, don’t leap and you will make a smart choice. It wasn’t done to hurt me but to help me make the right decision. Many decide in similar ways. If you were to look at the decision you already made the decision in your mind, what is keeping you from the rest? What if I cannot afford to do that at this time. You also have the possibility that if you don’t act that opportunity will be gone and may not present itself again anytime soon if ever. Prudence is good and knowing if the timing is right and if making a move will cause problems or will be good. The analysis of decision though is that usually your first thought is probably a very good choice.

Often we waste time analyzing things to the max, only to return to what we wanted to do, but possibly to late as the opportunity has passed. Working on the decisiveness will help not only free up time but get things moving. You may make a mistake, but you would have probably made the same mistake anyway. Learn from it and move on.

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