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Accountability Groups (AKA Masterminds) by Danny J. Stevens

 I will write more about my involvement with the “Think and Grow Rich”  Mastermind over the next few weeks.  Today I will dial in to the teleconference to begin my involvement with the global Think and Grow Rich Mastermind.   I am feeling excited and yet I have some concerns.   I know that I am holding on to some fears and paradigms, which do not serve me well (oh yes they do serve me.)   Think and Grow Rich

I have heard of masterminds before.  I have read “Think and Grow Rich” and other positive mental attitude (PMA) books so the term is not foreign.   I have talked to a few friends, real estate agents, who have belonged to Accountability Groups.   One of my team members from Wealth Mastery (Tony Robbins event) shared with me the terms of her accountability group.   As I read the terms of membership and the penalties for not meeting the personal goals, I realized that here group was dead serious about achieving some serious goals.    Definitely not the type of group for someone not familiar with these type if groups.  

I am concerned as the members filled out a fairly detailed application.  After several months, my application was approved.  While waiting for the teams to be formed and the meetings to be set, I asked to be a facilitator.    This should be fun, but I want to make sure I meet the conditions of the group as I want to lead future groups in my area.

Will post updates on the progress of this group.   Wish me the best!


In the daily video presentation by Bob Proctor called, “Six Minutes to Success” these concepts are worked on in a daily process that takes six minutes.   Please click on the link below and listen to Bob explain the program.  He has created a program whereby following his exercise you can change what you are focusing and help to develop the state of mind of a successful person.     You have seven days to look at and use the program, and you can quit anytime.   However, giving the process the six minutes a day you will soon see changes in your life.   Here is a man and a company that is dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and desires!

Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goals and desires!

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