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Ultimate Accountability

Ultimate Accountability by Danny J. Stevens

 Lately the audio programs I have been listening to have been seemingly covering the same content.   Originally Bob Proctor’s, Success Series covers taking responsibility for your life, your feelings and for every result you get!   Switching to Denis Waitley, I heard much the same message.  I listened to Tony Robbins and I heard a slightly different version of the same message.  I took some time to listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer on the Keys to Higher Awareness and I heard the message.   I have also been listening to Jack Canfield’s “Maximum Confidence” and the message came through plain a clear!  My mother always stated if you hear a message more than once you need to take heed and see what you can learn from the message.

On the audio program from Bob Proctor on responsibility he has a one-minute exercise where you repeat with feeling the words, “I am responsible for my life, my feelings and for every result that I get!”  Repeating this phrase with as much emotion and feelings as possible for 10 times.  Which takes less than a minute!  Bob refers to this as showing how to obtain your Aladdin’s lamp, your lucky rabbit’s foot, your good luck charm or the Easter Bunny all wrapped up in one.   He infers that once the message becomes part of your system, that wonderful things start to happen.

I have been working on this exercise for several weeks.   I had a basic understanding of what was meant and I followed the directions on faith.   Recently, I figured out the importance of the phrase and what it means to my life. 

I am responsible for my life…

Who else would be responsible?  After the age of maturity, who would want to take responsibility for my life?  Do I want someone taking responsibility for my life?  What would be the consequence of letting someone else managing my life?   If something happens who was responsible?   The statement is powerful when you take time to understand the complications!    Nobody else would want to be responsible for my life.  If they did my personal freedoms and desires would be diminished as someone else would have control of my life.   The consequences of letting someone else be in control of my life would result in resentment, anger and a push to regain control over my own life.  If something happens then I am responsible and I can determine what happens or at least how I feel!

I am responsible for my feelings…

How many times while I was growing up was I told that I made myself angry, mad or depressed?   As a young man I basically understood that I could change the meaning of how I reacted yet I didn’t start to practice this change in how I react to a situation.    Since I am responsible for my life and am not able to blame anyone, how can I blame anyone or any circumstance for how I feel?   The phrase is very powerful!  I am responsible for my feelings, how I feel and can decide to change how I feel anytime.   Since this is true, I can change the vibrations I am sending out by making a conscious decision to change my feelings.

I am responsible for every result that I get….

I just listened to a video from James Ray.  Tomorrow is the monthly conference call where you can ask James anything.   On the video he made the statement that he could help change our lives by opening the door.  He used his favorite phrase, “Think, feel and Act!”   It is just another version of, “I am responsible for my life, for my feelings and for every result that I get!”   As James put it, nothing happens unless you provide the action!   He can help you find the door, but you have to open the door and walk through.  If I am not happy with the results I am getting, then I am not giving the situation the action to get the results I seek.   Nobody else is responsible, I am.  When I became aware of this realization, I know that the results I get, are my own responsibility. 

Another realization is that since I am responsible than I am in total control.  If something is working than I can change, I can adopt.   The empowerment that is obtained from this simple phrase takes a person from be a casualty, a victim to the point of being more than a conqueror!

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  1. tarvagirl says:

    Hi, I really searched out for blogs about taking responsibility of my life. Why? For so long I gave the responsibility to someone else. I’ve been in several relationships, giving up what I was doing, and what I had for a bit of attention. After I while, I was left all alone to pick up the broken pieces.

    Not anymore, I take my life and I am responsible for it now.

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