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Where is your priority, concerning your Goal or Dream? – January 16, 2016 – By Danny J. Stevens

Have you ever tried to push a noodle that has been cooked? Ever tried to steer a parked car? I know this sounds silly but the image it brings to mind is exactly what is happening to your dream or goal without any action. Also frankly if you are not giving this goal or dream any or your time, priority over other things, working on it consistently which means everyday than you are not evening trying. Your parked or cooked either way you wont reach a successful completion of your goal or dream.

Time has come, how bad do you want the goal or dream? What time are you going to give to the project consistently? It is simple as that. Will out giving the goal or dream priority it is just a wish and it wont happen until you become serious about reaching the successful completion of the dream or goal. Aare you ready?

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