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Is there a purpose to affirmations?  By Danny J. Stevens

One of the daily routines that I do while I get ready for the day is to review my mission statement, my primary question, my top 4 goals, recite some affirmations I received from Tom Hopkins at a seminar I attended in Seattle in 2008.

Each of the  personal development leaders have you doing something for 30 days or for some specific amount of time. I never changed the affirmation card I received from Tom Hopkins. The seminar was on July 9, 2008 and it has nearly been a year.

Some days I would get up and would not feel motivated to recite the affirmations. It hangs in the shower so I see it at least once every day. Even if I didn’t feel like reciting the phrases, I did so.

Tony Robbins teaches that affirmations are dead. Reciting anything over and over is not going to change anything. Tony states you need to put strong emotions and feelings behind what he calls inCANtations. Because you are placing these can statements inside you with emotion and feeling.

I am not going to argue which is right or wrong. I happen to believe that repeating anything long enough you will begin to believe it. Many of us have had a lifetime of focusing on feelings and repeating to ourselves a belief or statement and eventually, one day in our past we began to believe those statements. Adding emotions and feeling to those statements will speed up the process.

I added some words to my Tom Hopkins shower hook which came from the challenge by Earl Nightingale in his talk, “The Strangest Secret.” In that challenge Earl said to write three phrases on a 3×5 card on one side and your goals on the other. The three phrases are, “Seek and ye shall find, Ask and it shall be given and Knock and the door shall be opened up unto you.” I heard those words for many years while going to church. Yet recently as I repeated those words it dawned upon me that we must first seek out anything before we ever set out to do anything, we need to ask, to involve other people or life just doesn’t hold much meaning. The last phrase is the secret to everything we want to accomplish in life. It is providing action to physically do something. The door will not open if someone is not expecting you to be on the other side.

The mind takes the affirmations or incantations and works on them. The purpose is to give the mind a new focus or a new point of view.

By themselves the sayings have no reference. It would be like reciting your multiplication tables and never cracking a mathematics book. If you want to grow you need to read, attend seminars and listen to audio programs to help give your mind points of reference. The affirmations will build on the what is being feed to your mind.

Once again we are back to, “We become what we think about most of the time!” Affirmations are just ways to condition your mind to think the way you want to become.

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