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A Higher Purpose

A Higher Purpose by Danny J. Stevens

When we let go, forgive, and realize that something good is going to happen we step out of the self defeating mode and step back in to a vibration of expecting good things to happen.   During the valleys or tunnels of life, it is difficult to see that any good well ever transpire again.  

Currently I am in a time of my life where there is a lot of uncertainty.    Change is constant and the things in my past which I turned to for strength, caring and love only exist in my memory.  The world seems to have changed overnight.  My identity was whisked from me a little over a year ago.   Almost all aspects of my life have changed to some degree.   I occasionally do drink from the well of self pity and still remain thirsty.   I look back at my life and I remember similar events and how they were transformed in to wonderful times.   Each step lead to another a new lesson to learn or something I needed to do but ultimately it lead to something worthwhile.

I was seeking to find what I was placed on this earth to do.   I felt my work in Information Technology was not allowing me to be the best person I could become nor help anyone else.   Like Pip in the Charles Dickens classic, “Great Expectations,” I found that regardless of how much I made I spent.   Life seemed like a cruel riddle where when I attained a new income level I still found it difficult to do more than work, pay bills, save a morsel and start over the next day.    In an attempt to break this cycle I studied more and devised a plan to better myself, my position and surely this would lead me to an altered course!

Well, the good news is the course has definitely been altered!   I am not working and not by choice!  I think parts of the issues are age related yet I wonder how that could be.  The prospective employers have never seen me.   Those that I have talked with want you to answer about three questions to determine your skill level but are not concerned about other aspects of my life.   It is ironic that many of these same people are the ones that state the certifications do not mean anything.   Least the questions on certification exams are on a related topic and you are given more than just three  questions.    I have the education, the skills, the desire, and the certifications and yet the prospective employers take little time to determine if I would be a good fit.

In my research and listening to various speakers I am convinced that all that has happened has happened for a purpose.    When desiring a better job, more interesting relationships, a dynamic life we are not always aware of what has to transpire.   To obtain a better job, you need to leave the old.  To have different relationship you need to meet new people.   To live a dynamic life, especially when your life was in a rut, life needs to change.      Sometimes to reach higher, do better and be stronger we need to be redefined.   I will stick my head out and state that it is imperative!   Change is the spice of life, change keeps life dynamic.  Where have I heard that word?  That’s right I recently wished for life to be more dynamic. 

Does this mean that I won’t run out of money?  There are no guarantees.    If nothing changes it is inevitable!   Is my life at the whim of fate?   If it is, it is a fate of my own making.    Bob Proctor is an evangelist on making your own economy.    Bob has studied Napoleon Hill for many years and Napoleon Hill studied the great Andrew Carnegie and successful people and the common thread is that there is a lot of truth to the belief that you can create your own economy.

Opportunities are often disguised.   As I relayed in one of my previous blogs is that it has been stated that it is estimated that we bypass at least two opportunities a month which would have the potential to earn us a million dollars or more.  Often times we don’t even see the potential or similar to the employers mentioned above bypass the person without realizing the net worth and not giving the opportunity a second glance.  

The mission which I have decided to accept is to hone and work on my skills, search for the employer who is willing to give me a chance, develop my abilities, seek new opportunities and do new things and pray for the wisdom and guidance to help me find the true path.   In my mind’s eye, I know regardless of the events, that I will survive and I will thrive!    In the interim, I am learning marketing, sales on various levels in which I can be of greater service.   I am also  completeling my BS degree in Business and Information Systems which willl be at the beginning of February 2010, baring no setbacks.   I am also working towards being involved in helping people become the best they can become and helping them find ways to spark a personal economy.    I know that I enjoy Information Technology, Business and I love people.   Whatever happens along my path I know that I will be more involved with helping people to attain their goals and intentions. 

Recently I was researching a local business for an economics class.    I picked this one company because it was a successful business and had become part of the Warren Buffet family of companies in the Berkshire Hathaway realm.   As I dug deeper in to the companies past I found that the company was started before the Great Depression.  Furthermore the financial advisors during the lean times suggested that the company offer their creditors pennies on the dollar to settle their debt and move on.  The owner wouldn’t accept this alternative and instead offered his debtors full payment with interest if they would just stand by him.   The story of those lean years can be found on the companies website.   Times were lean yet eventually Ben Bridge was able to repay his debts with interest and bring Ben Bridge Jewelers to a very profitable privately owned business until the family felt there was nobody left to carry on the business and accepted an offer by Berkshire Hathaway.

This is only one of the examples of creating your own economy and the will to thrive!   May you find your own economy and thrive!   To your continued success!

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