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Support, Interaction and Commitment by Danny J. Stevens

Sunday evening we had a meet up of the Seattle Power group where we worked on our goals for the month of May.  May was deemed by Amit the group organizer as being the month to reach the goals.  The group meets every Tuesday on a teleconference call and has a private website where we communicate with each other throughout the week and keep everyone updated on the progress.

Everyone needs such a group and thought out the country and the world there are many similar types of groups.  Some based on the Anthony Robbins events and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is the case of the Seattle Power group. 

I have been on the calls since February 2009 and have been trying to attend as many events as the Seattle Power group has scheduled.  The support of people with like minds, goals and intentions is a mastermind group where each member supports the other.  The group encourages interaction in the meetings and the group is very supportive of making this happen.   Commitment is something which each member needs to bring to the group.  

This is an awesome group.  I would recommend any such group which will help encourage, support and provide the fellowship of people who have similar interest, beliefs and energy levels.

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