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Vibrations by Danny J. Stevens

During my youth I can remember the song by the Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations.”   Remember the hippies, flower children, the era during the Vietnam War and directly after?      Remember the statements, “It has good vibes?”    Do you remembering a parent or guardian telling you smile and the whole world will smile with you?   The greatest secret, “We become what we think about most of the time” is a vibration.

Everything within our life is energy.  What appears to be solid is energy and is in motion just that the level of vibration is at another frequency.   This concept took some time for me to accept.   Even in high school I learned in whatever state something is there is energy.   I am not a quantum scientist.    However, the scholar’s mention that with the right equipment we would see that everything was in vibration, just at different frequencies.

One of the statements that came out of the 1960’s was  “If it feels good do it.”  I think the only reason I remember that statement was because my parents didn’t agree totally with the statement.  My parents impressed upon me that people have the right to think whatever thoughts they wish.  However, just because it feels good is not a good reason to do anything?

Is it important to feel good?  What could be wrong with doing anything if it feels good?

During the period of the flower children it may have felt good for them walk down the street naked, having sex in public.  During the gay marches of the recent past similar activities occurred and the question was asked why shouldn’t it be allowed?

Within public it is necessary to understand that just because it is our right, doesn’t make it right.    Other people have rights too.   So what happens when there is a conflict in values?    To purposely do things where what you do will be seen as creating strife than that is sending out that feeling or the frequency of the feeling to the universe.  Other feelings or frequency of those feeling are attracted and returned to the sender.   Rather than obtain the right to do, that which makes them feel good, the strife attracts similar feelings despite the original reason.

What is the underlying motive?  Felling?   If someone feels good after smashing mailboxes is that acceptable?  In reality there is no difference.  This is what I am trying to reach by writing this entry.  The underlying feeling, the real reason is how the law of vibration reads.  The underlying feeling is broadcast out to the universe and attracts the same frequency of signals conveyed back to you.


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  1. septiady says:

    This is interesting post. So what should we do when there is “a conflict of value”? I guess, being sensitive to other people is the key. So, we don’t get confused with many of “vibrations” out there..

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