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Meditation Audio

Meditation Audio By Danny J. Stevens

Since the beginning of 2009, I have been learning about meditation. I looked in to Bill Hapagodarris of Centerepointe and their product called Holosync. I tried the demo and would listen to it nightly and maybe more. I did find myself feeling very tired after a while and experiencing headaches which I normally do not have. I re-read the instructions. The instructions were specific that you were only to listen to the audio with stereo headsets and only one time per day. They also mentioned that breaks in listening may be required, especially at the beginning.

The Centerpointe program actually is still something I am interested in obtaining. I like the support of the newsletter and forum for the users. The Centerpointe program has several levels.

I was sharing this information with a friend and he told me about a more affordable program that he had been using from Kelly Howell, of BrainSync. I have been using a couple of Kelly’s programs for a couple months. Has the audio created new neural pathways? I do know that the audio programs I have which are labeled as containing Theta are very relaxing. The outcome is that I had a refreshing escape. I have noticed a better control in the areas which induce stress. Solutions and ideas seem to come to me with more ease than in the past.

The concept, and I am only an observer, is that certain sounds can reproduce chemicals. In writing about experience I notice that my thoughts about the sessions induce a deep relaxation. If this is all that happens, then the mp3 audio were well work the purchase. The program recreates the brainwaves of those who are in various levels of meditation. It takes time, practice to reach the stage of Theta waves. These audio programs have been tested in the laboratories and the subjects can attain the same level of meditation within a few minutes.

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