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Creating my miracles

Creating my miracles by Danny J. Stevens

I am reading the book, “Real Magic” by Dr Wayne Dyer.   This book spoke to my heart and I felt Dr. Dyer wrote it especially for me to read.   He speaks about getting your life on purpose and once this occurs then “Real Magic” will transpire.  

sunrise-pubdomWhat is “Real Magic“?  It is a flow, a zone where you attract that which you need from the universe.   Dr. Wayne Dyer mentions that when you are on purpose with your life, then the appropriate teacher appears.  Have you ever had someone or something come into your life at just the right moment?  If so, you were likely on purpose and the appropriate teacher was revealed to you.

There is a lot of information in this book.  It is of a spiritual nature.   I like most people question my true purpose.   In the movie “The Secret“, Neale Donald Walsch mentioned that our purpose in life was a blank chalk board awaiting for us to write our own purpose.   Dr. Dyer writes, “What I ask of your here is to simply know it.”   He was speaking about your lifes purpose.  The more you get in touch with the inner voice at your center your purpose will be revealed.

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