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scared-looking-cat1Are you feeling paralyzed?  by Danny J. Stevens

One thing that is certain during these economic times is the abundance of stress, the speculation of fear and the predictions of failure.  Just yesterday I received an email from a company offering information on a gentleman who had made predictions in the past and so far all of his predictions have come to pass. 

 Careful speculation on those predictions and I am sure I could find a few occasions where his information is always 100%.  Why does his prediction seem to be so accurate?  Could it be his belief?   Could it be that we have been lead to believe that his thoughts are correct?   I started to feel panic and stress and I thought why?   What give his predictions the power to paralyze?

 The power of predictions is the amount of certainty that is projected, the clout already attained and the populous by thinking it is so creates the conditions.    We become what we think about most of the time!

 I am 100% certain that with the belief that the current economic downturn is correctable and everyone works to that intention than we will find ways to turn the economy around.  Being paralyzed, stressed, and fearful and sharing this fearful news paralyzes, stresses and creates more fear!  Product is what we had been experiencing.   I would rather be looking towards recovery and finding solutions.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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