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Famous Failures

Famous Failures

This video is on YouTube.   A friend of mine states, “It is not failure, but massive feedback!”  Tony Robbins in his seminars tells of several times where things were not working as well as they should.  The message he received was massive feedback.   Tony uses those times to help others.  When the outcomes are not as they should be, what is the questions you are aksing yourself?   Are they empowering questions?  

Each of these people could have accepted the words and opinions of others.  It would have been easy to accept defeat.   The common thread with each of these people is the unwillingness to allow the words or opinions of others to deter there convictions.    It is a matter of perspective!

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  1. Hey, great post, really well written. You should write more about this.

    • Pokie says:

      Thank you! Many people who have achieved great things have also had challenges or failures in their life. Thank you for the feed back! It would be fun to research and write about this more often.

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