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I have seen businesses and organization spend lots of time perfecting their mission statement.   For years I viewed the mission statements as a waste of time.   It seems that companies and organizations would brainstorm and produce this wonderful Mission Statement and then file it away the next day.   It was as if just writing it down was enough to change the manner and method of how business was accomplished and the purpose of being would manifest.

The mission statement should be concise, should be right on to the point to the commitment which the business or organization made to the public at large.  It should be on the minds of the owners and public on a daily basis.  The purpose of the mission should stir those reading the statement to take the appropriate action to realize that mission.   The mission is the whole reason why this business or organization exists and will continue!

Definitely a powerful document!  The statement ideally would be short and straight and to the point.  Such as; ”The mission of Bob Brakes is to reach out to the local community and provide the best inspection, service and warranties in the business at a fair price to insure that all the citizen are driving cars which are safe for the community, their family and themselves!”

Make sure the Mission Statement is not just a wish list, that the Mission statement reflects the mission that the company or organizations is committed to providing.  Nothing is worse than to see a mission on a commitment to customer service, yet when trying to work with the company to resolve an issue the company refuses seems to have subscribed to a different Mission Statement.  

Be consistent!  Let it represent the Business or Organizations identity!

2 Responses to “What is the mission of your business?”

  1. Penguin says:

    I have a completely different view about mission statements. I think companies mission statement are total joke. I don’t care what the CEO wants to publish on a poster and make the employee memorize. The employee doesn’t care about that company he is just there to do a job to earn a paycheck. I don’t care about as a customer because I don’t interact with the CEO. I interact with the employee. If he does a good job he gets my business again. If not bye bye.

    • Pokie says:

      I see your point. Would you think that if a mission statement really represented the values, beliefs and motives of a company, do you think that that would affect the interaction of the employee with the customer?

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