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Know thy Customer

Know thy Customer by Danny J. Stevens


by Peter Griffin, Public Doman

Knowing your customer, what their needs are, their desires and wants is a huge part of any business! Without that information you could be advertising to people who will never be your customer and not reaching those that are looking for a business like yours. You may not realize that a certain segment of the population is your niche and you ignore this market because you wanted to market to a different segment. If there was a list of commandments for businesses “Know they customer” would be high on the list.

During my class on Business Integration Topics my instructor shared this link http://money.cnn.com/2009/01/21/news/companies/obrien_zappos10.fortune/index.htm

Do you have any comments? I was surprised how I felt after reading this list! It was refreshing and the company sounds like it would be a place to work which would be uplifting. The real goal though would be to have Multiple Sources of Income (MSI’s) ¬†and working in your own business(s)!

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