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There is a Song Inside

There is a Song Inside by Danny J. Stevens

While at Life Mastery, I watched a video by a singer and recording artist, Edwin Coppard. Edwin has been studying the physiology of singing and made the claim that we were intended to sing! Each of us has a song inside and everyone can sing. He took two volunteers from the audience and was able to locate where in their body they were disassociated with the song inside. Working with the volunteer with a simple exercise to re-associate that part of the body to music the volunteer began to sing (where before – they either didn’t sing well or had difficulty). One person was affected by sexual abuse and Edwin zeroed in on the pelvic region. While sitting on the floor and doing a crunch movement of sorts the volunteer began to sing over several ranges. Check out Edwin’s website!

Author of, “Your Voice is the Messenger of Your Soul” published in 2001.

Please see Edwin’s website, www.realpeoplemusic.com

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  1. Ed says:

    That’s very interesting idea. I will pay more visits to your website soon.

  2. inrpower says:

    Thank you Ed! I hope you do.

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