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Appreciating Uncertainty by Danny J. Stevens

I have been appreciating and learning from Dr. Dyer’s books over the past year! I am just reading one of his first books, “Your Erroneous Zones.” This comment was made in the chapter I am currently reading, “Exploring the Unknown.”

Of all the chapters I had read, this is chapter 11, this one is almost as if it was written just for me. The chapter starts with a statement on early training. A brief statement from that chapter;

“Early training in our society tends to encourage caution at the expense of curiosity, safety at the expense of adventure. Avoid the questionable, stay in area that you know, never wander into the unknown.”

From various sources as we are growing we are protected and taught how to protect ourselves. At some point we need to allow ourselves to gift of exploring the unknown and mysterious. A question he posed in this chapter keeps repeating in my mind as if to say, “have you received this?’ That question was, “Have you really lived 10,000 or more days or have you lived one day, 10,000 or more times?”

As I reflect on the question, I am imagining living 10,000 or more days, as each individual and unique day.   It is certain that more attention needs to be given to this question.   To really live each day and not just re-live a day I have already lived, how would life be experienced differently?  Would love to hear your thoughts on how this would impact your life.

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