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What is the power behind an idea?  By Danny J. Stevens

As promised this is a follow-up after the first session of the Think and Grow Rich mastermind.     I have read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill a couple times yet as a group going through the preface during the first call, I heard some things I had never heard before.   As it is with anything the more you review the material the more you will either pick up or understand.  Going through the first section of the book as a group gave the preface life.

Andrew Carnegie challenged Napoleon Hill to at least 20 years of studying the success principles with the intent of bringing a proven system that anyone could follow to attain the life they dreamed and wanted.   Carnegie’s fortune was about $350 million (which translates in to approximately $6.5 billion in today’s currency.  Napoleon Hill has with his system produced many millionaires and the process continues.   One point is obscured in the book, yet what happened with Napoleon Hill?  He mentions that his son Blair Hill found the notes on success and the notes transformed Blair’s life and for his own, he surpassed the great Carnegie fortune.  A man that followed these principles, taught these principles and left these principles that still work even today wrote this book.  

The interesting point about the principles in Think and Grow Rich is that these principles worked for those who went through the Great Depression of 1929.   More millionaires were made during the Great Depression than at any other point in history.  We are hearing all the negatives about the economy and the doom and gloom but we would do well to turn off the newscast and pick up books by Napoleon Hill and others whom had made it through bad economic times and amassed fortunes.  Furthermore this gentleman at least has outlined the proven principles which when followed will transform that life.

An idea is just energy and without an action it doesn’t grow.  An idea backed up with a solid purpose and persistent action will expand, take root and grow.   All the great teachers of today (Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, James Ray and others) agree that once you have an idea you must initiate action and continue with constant and persistent action.   

In the preface is a list of individuals which had accumulated vast fortunes through the aid of the Carnegie Secret.  I am taking two of the individuals listed and performing a search on their names;   Marie Dressler and Edward A. Filene.     Marie Dressler was a broke vaudeville actress who had again lost her job in 1927.  She persevered and in 1933 landed jobs for $500 /week.  Click on the link to learn more.  Edward Filene had passed his entrance exams for Harvard but took over the family clothing store due to his father severe illness.  He became a very profitable retailer.   Click on his name above to learn more.

It would be very interesting to view the accomplishment of each person on the list.   Yet the common thread that is showing is that each had a dream, a dream which drove them to press on and not quit.  This is what Napoleon Hill describes as a burning desire.   It should also be noted that Marie Dressler didn’t have extraordinary looks and Edward Filene was the son of German Jewish immigrants.

Think and Grow Rich restores the book to its original form.  Those areas that were not restored are included in the endnotes.  I have a different version but this version provides information on the important topics, updates the financial information so that it is easier to compare.  The editor Ross Cornwell has provided an edition that maintains the original version but offers more detailed information in the appendix and endnotes



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