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The Eye of the Storm

The Eye of the Storm, by Danny J. Stevens

There are times in life when things do not go well. Bob Proctor states that we should not re-count the issues. To tell our story gives the issues focus and not the plans to move forward. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale states the we need to hold on a state of positive expectancy.

It is easy to focus on the events. Nothing changes unless the focus changes. Chances are the questions we are asking ourselves is based on how could this happen? Why did this happen to me? How am I going to get past this? Each of these questions focuses on the issue which is not wanted. The questions we ask have no power in changing the focus. The questions do not set positive expectations.

The current questions being asked have no value as they focus on the cause. Changing the focus you can change the focus by asking empowering questions. Rather than ask why you are not obtaining the job you seek, you can ask how can I show how I can be of service? Or How can I help the company? What can I do differently which will emphasize my abilities and my desire to help the company succeed? The focus is not on just the job or myself but how I can be of better service.

It is necessary to have goals and knowing what you are going after. Just as it is necessary to maintain a positive expectancy. Just stating you want a job is not enough. Defining what you want to do such as to do with as much detail and when you expect to start the new position is a great start!

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