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The Power of Consistent Action – Giant Steps Day 2, by Danny J. Stevens

A good friend and mentor wrote to a group I was a member of during the 2008 – Date With Destiny event. Date With Destiny is an event which last a week. The particpants learn about many aspects of life and learning to create a new life or just add passion and purpose to their current life, utiltimately creating a new destiny. It is part of Anthony Robbins Mastery University and deals with increasing ones passion for life and even dusting off dreams and putting action behind them.

Despite where we are in life, what conditions we find ourselves in, one universal truth remains it is not the conditions we find ourselves in that will dictate our future, it is the consistent action, and the decisions we make which will alter the future!

What action could you commit too today? Maybe it is just to start ready 15-30 minutes a day on articles in your choosen field. Maybe it is to write a paragraph a day in a journal. If you committed to these small changes and provide this consistent action in 2012 – what will your future be like?

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