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Ideas and Values

Ideas and Value by Danny J. Stevens


I have heard it said that we pass by at least two million dollar ideas each month.   If we were more aware of what was happening around us and listening to what others have to contribute maybe we would be more open to examining the ideas which are around us or pass through our lives.  


If we had met Col. Sanders and he had spoken to us about a fried chicken recipe, would we have listened?   Had Walt Disney approached us about the possibility of starting an animation studio, would we have dismissed the idea?    If we had been presented with the electric light bulb what would have happened?   Each day, ideas occur, the average human has over 60,000 thoughts each and every day!   With the number of other people we interact with on a daily basis, I would not be surprised of how many lost opportunities may have been expressed.  


Staggering thought!   Granted listening to each and every idea could become tiresome and insane.  Yet if we worked on being more open and aware of the ideas and thoughts around us each day, what value could we place on an idea?  Rather than dismiss an idea based only on rules  (such as we don’t do things like that around here) maybe we could use our wonderful minds to critically analyze the ideas for merit and value.   


In the daily video presentation by Bob Proctor called, “Six Minutes to Success” these concepts are worked on in a daily process that takes six minutes.   Please click on the link below and listen to Bob explain the program.  He has created a program whereby following his exercise you can change what you are focusing and help to develop the state of mind of a successful person.     You have seven days to look at and use the program, and you can quit anytime.   However, giving the process the six minutes a day you will soon see changes in your life.   Here is a man and a company that is dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and desires!



Click on the above graphic to learn about, “Six Minutes to Success”

Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goals and desires!

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