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Reflections on the Why by Danny J. Stevens

In Day 21, in Giant Steps to 2012, is based on how you would feel  If we reached our short and long term goals.   Tony wants use to examine our feeling about our life and our own abilities.  Today is laying the base for a powerful why.

I know I am not alone, I have great ideas, great goals and yet have been missing the reason for working toward their accomplishment.   When the ultimate test came there did not appear to be a strong enough why.   I still reach goals but there is a part that could accomplish much more if the why was stronger.  This is part where when things start to become uneasy, cause you to stick to the plan and work through the issues.  I know I have done this, as I am sure you have.  Yet there is a point where the dream creates more fear than we are comfortable in dealing with and we back off.  This is a typical human response.  Bob Proctor has taught this and labeled this process the Terror Barrier.  Tony chooses to approach it by making a conscious change in state and moving towards higher standards.

I would encourage you to attend an “Unleash the Power Within” weekend.  You will cover all the steps in Tony’s books, “Awaken the Giant Within”, “Unlimited Power” and “Giant Steps”.   It can and will change how you think about your goals and life.

Remember to stand in a way where you feel strong, breathe how you would if you knew beyond a doubt that you were strong and could handle anything.   How would you express yourself if you were in successful?  If you are have trouble doing this think about something in your past where you have felt this and remember how you felt then.  If you are still having trouble, look at those you feel are successful and imagine yourself  how you would Stand, feel and speak if you were that person.  Go to this state when working on important thoughts about your life.

I hope you have obtained a copy of “Giant Steps” by Tony Robbins.  Take your top four goals and spend some time examining why you must reach this goals and why you are committed to making them happening.  It is great to think about the goals, but in a few days will you remember?  The statistics are against you.  For everything we cover this year, write it down, and write it in a hardbound journal.

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