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We Become What We Think About by Danny J. Stevens

 Have you ever listened to Earl Nightingale’s, “The Strangest Secret?”   This was the first product of the now Nightingale – Contant company.   Earl grew up during the Great Depression, Served in the US Marines, became a decorated public speaker, was involved in radio and TV (please see his biography).   At one point Bob Proctor worked for Earl Nightingale before starting his own company.

 Earl’s wife, Diana, is keeping Earl’s legacy available at www.earlnightingale.com where you can find cd’s of Earl’s strangest work.   Recently, Diana has been broadcasting the messages on the Nightingale radio show which was a long time goal of Earl and Diana. 

 Of all the volumes of materials written and or spoken about the success principles it often boils down to what Earl Nightingale coined as, “The Strangest Secret.”   If you click on the Nightingale radio show above excerpts of the original message can be heard along with commentary by Diana Nightingale.    The Strangest secret is that we become what we think about the most all day long.    When you have a dream, burning desire, a life’s purpose you would be thinking about that all day long.   Go to the link and listen to the broadcast by Diana Nightingale and Greg Norman (of the Universal 7 Talk Radio).

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  1. Janine says:

    We do become what we think about. That’s been a key thought in my head in recent months.

    Maybe you can tell me who wrote this?

    Watch your thoughts; they become words.
    Watch your words; they become actions.
    Watch your actions; they become habits.
    Watch your habits; they become character.
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

    Thanks for writing this blog! It’s very helpful.



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