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Thoughts and Making Decisions by Danny J. Stevens

Decisions are an important part of our thoughts.   A thought is a

A thought is a fleeting moment unless it is acted upon.  In a given day the human mind processes about 60,000 thoughts.  It is easy to lose sight of one important thought.   We should carry with us a note pad throughout the day and at night place a pad and pen next to our bed so that when a great thought comes to us that we can write them down.   How many times did a great thought come and in the back of my mind I thought I will remember this and for whatever reason later I don’t remember. These thoughts were given to us.   I also believe that others who are on the same frequency of thought will receive those thoughts as well.  It is important when the thought or urge for action happens that we use sound judgment but then make a swift decision.

 When we ask, meditate or ponder an issue our subconscious mind begins to work on the thought.   The subconscious is a powerful tool.   Learning to use the subconscious with your beliefs and you have a winning combination.  How many times has a thought arrived and because of lack of action has faded?   If immediate action isn’t started on the thought then the rationalization starts to take place.   Then once action is started – consistently apply persistent action and the thought will blossom.


In the daily video presentation by Bob Proctor called, “Six Minutes to Success” these concepts are worked on in a daily process that takes six minutes.   Please click on the link below and listen to Bob explain the program.  He has created a program whereby following his exercise you can change what you are focusing and help to develop the state of mind of a successful person.     You have seven days to look at and use the program, and you can quit anytime.   However, giving the process the six minutes a day you will soon see changes in your life.   Here is a man and a company that is dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and desires!

Click on the above graphic to learn about, “Six Minutes to Success”

Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goals and desires!



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