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Thoughts – Take Physical Form by Danny J. Stevens 
As I have been reflecting on the enteries I wrote, I am becoming more aware of where my attention has been and where I need to focus.   I have not had a definite purpose or a burning desire.  I have held hopes and dreams with escapes included just in case the pursuit became more than I wanted to handle.    This alone builds in lack of peristence.   I don’t give up, especially if I want something.  I have picked up some fears and discouragement along the way.   As horrible as this may sound, this self protection mode served me at a point.  There is no need to feel discouraged and depressed, just realize where you are and see where you want to be.  
I need to keep a closed mind against all negative and discouraging influences.  Including negative suggestions of relatives, friends or acquaintances.   The self talk used  is  also a source of influence – is it encouraging or part of the problem.  Some folks will mean well or maybe just speak without thinking.   Our mind is very powerful and we need to be careful of  the fuel it is feed.   The fuel is words, emothions, or thoughts.   How powerfull is a suggestion?   Ask the lawyer who seemingly slips on a point that the judge ruled against.  The judge instructs the court recorder to strike the comment from the record and admonishes the jury to disregard the comments.   The problem is the see has been planted.   These seeds happen daily with the music, news, books, tv, people you overhear while standing in line somewhere.   
People claim affirmations don’t do anything.  Tony Robbins and Earl Nightingale state that verbalization with emotion will enter the subconcious mind quicker than affirmations.   However, affirmations stated over and over will eventually reach an emotional state and soon they are in the subconcious and the mind is starting to work to ensure that these thoughts take place.
Since persistence and consistent action ensure the realization of the thought, be careful that the thoughts you are thinking about are the thoughts you wish to take place.   
How do we develop persistence?  Napoleon Hill gives four points;
1.  A definite purpose backed by buring desire for it’s fulfillment.
2.  A definite plan, expressed in continuous action
3.  A mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances.
4.  A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose.
The “Six Minutes to Success”  program is built on this principle.  Start each day with the type of thoughts which will further you purpose and plan for you life, business or profession!
In the daily video presentation by Bob Proctor called, “Six Minutes to Success” these concepts are worked on in a daily process that takes six minutes.   Please click on the link below and listen to Bob explain the program.  He has created a program where by following his exercise you can change what you are focusing and help to develop the state of mind of a successful person.     You have seven days to look at and use the program , and you can quit anytime.   However, giving the process the six minutes a day you will soon see changes in your life.   Here is a man and a company that is dedicated to helping you to achieve your goals and desires!


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Looking forward to seeing you achieve your goals and desires!


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