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What are you putting off?  By Danny J. Stevens

Day 32, February 1, 201 – Giant Steps in to 2012

To move forward we need to identify what is keeping us from taking action.   Tony Robbins teaches that we do things out of the need to avoid pain or experience pleasure.   If we keep putting something off, it is to avoid some pain.  What pain is it?   The way to get past this is to change the meaning.   We have covered asking a better question in prior post.   However, it you have to do something like paying a bill you may be avoiding the action because it will lower the balance on your checking account.  Are you currently asking or looking for ways to avoid paying the bill?   A good view on this issue is to ask what the consequences are if you don’t make the payment.  What is the ultimate cost?  If you cannot make it a pleasure to pay the bill, then you need leverage, what is the ultimate pain you will experience?

This happens to use when looking for jobs.  We feel more comfortable where we are even if we are not making enough.    We will take the comfort of knowing the familiar and comfortable over the pain of the unknown.   However, what will the ultimate cost be if you don’t look for and push yourself into the uncomfortable?

You can use the pain to push yourself in to taking action, where you were avoiding taking the action.   In the moment we can rationalize and determine that we do not have to take action at this time.  It’s very important to discover the issues preventing taking action.   Then either find a way to experience pleasure doing the action or look at what loss or ultimate pain will  become if you don’t take action.

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