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The Power of Choice, by Danny J. Stevens

Day 33, February 2, 2012 – Giant Steps in to 2012

Of all of creation the human race was blessed with the power of choice.  It can also be a curse in that we can literally make a hell out heaven or make a heaven out of hell.   It is a frame of mind, but that equates that we have a choice.

We have the opportunity to take whatever issue we are faced with and letting it grab hold and consume our thoughts, immobilize our actions, and control our feelings.   This was true of the slaves who were brought to North America to work the fields, or service a master.  Yet some slaves questioned the options and took a painful and difficult situation and turned it around by choosing to make a difference.

I know I have areas in my life where I could complain or focus on how horrible the situation is, or how I am being treated yet that changes nothing other than to depress and discourage my spirit even more.   It is possible to look for other choices, to focus on the objective not the condition.

What areas could you focus differently to turn the event in to wonderful opportunity?  How would this give you to the opportunity to grow and contribute?  Remember growth and contributions are two of the six human needs.  We have the power to choose.  We all work to avoid pain and experience pleasure.  Brainstorm and write the options in your hardbound journal, how would it be possible to avoid further pain and experience pleasure in this situation?   Examine your top choices, and then make a decision, and follow that up with action which will move your forward to attaining that decision.

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