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Reflection on a Famous Quote – February 7, 2012 By: Danny J. Stevens

“Even if you stumble, you’re still moving forward.”

Unknown Author

Your sensory acuity is working!  You know what is not working.  Now you decide what new actions can be applied and take action immediately upon making the new decision.  This is not something which you should be upset about, angry over or embarrassed about.  You are learning.  Evaluate your approach, what can you do different?  Decide on a new approach and then take action to implement the new approach.

You will likely never get thing perfect, if you do you probably are not stretching yourself.  If everything is working perfect for you, is there something you want to try but it makes you feel uncomfortable?

Do you recognize this?   This is part of Tony Robbin’s Ultimate Success Formula, Day 24 of the Giant Steps in to 2012.

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