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Reflection on a Famous Quote – February 8th, 2012 by: Danny J. Stevens

“From a little spark may burst a mighty flame”

~Dante 1265-1351

Have you ever made a flame from rubbing two sticks together?  Maybe you used concentrated light through a magnifying glass?  You start the process with the right tools, you concentrate your efforts on a spot.  Providing fast enough movement in the rubbing to create heat or focusing the light so it is just a pin point of light and held on a particular spot until the change happens. The material becomes warm enough to start to smoke and then you make see the start of a flame.

When we focus on attention on a task and continue to work our plan, we may start to see the signs that what we are doing is about to ignite.   Using the Ultimate Success Formula (covered in Day 24 of the Giant Steps in to 2012) we must know specifically what we want.  Take action immediately.  Notice what is not working, use your sensory acuity to focus the attention on the spot to produce the heat, which will produce the flame.   Change the approach so that you are maximizing your efforts.

One change in our lives can alter our future, our destiny!  From a small spark may come a mighty flame?   Dante knew that it only takes small changes in thought to create powerful change.

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