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Day 34, Giant Steps in to 2012

One of the most eye opening observations I have learned from Anthony Robbins is about what drives us to do things and avoid other things.  It seems so utterly simple that I am wondering why it was such a discovery.  It really does depend on our awareness and having time to analyze what is happening.  My brother is constantly teaching me that people keep people stirred up so that they are unaware of what is happening. One look at the news and if you were aware of everything happening in the world, how can you possibly be aware of things happening to and around you?

We come to the point of discussing the reticular activating system (RAS) and how it helps us to be aware of certain events and happenings around us.  Without the RAS we could not possibly handle all the inputs to our senses without going mad.  Being aware of this will help us to learn and understand about the two reasons we do anything in life.   Sounds impossible to boil what we do or do not do down to just two reasons.

We do things to avoid pain or experience pleasure.  We put things off to avoid dealing with the pain or potential pain we link to the item.   We do things like drinking, drugs or sex because it either helps us forget the pain for a moment, or it provides pleasure of some kind.  We see people who are physically abused avoiding the pain by staying in a harmful situation.  You hear some people screaming and treating another person with total disrespect but the person receiving the abuse is taking this as signs of love and appreciation.  We have the choice to associate pain or pleasure to anything.  Since this is true, we can change how we respond to thoughts, feelings and actions and turn around what we do and do not do by associating pain to things we do not want to do and pleasure to the things we want to do.

It’s time for your hard bound journal!   Write about the things you associate pain and pleasure to in your life.   Then write about how you can move away from the painful items and move towards pleasure.  If you want to move ahead, you will want to look in to Tony Robbins book, “Awaken the Giant Within.”  We will continue to discuss this over the year. 

Today you just want to become aware of what is behind what you do and why.  Then taking a look at possible ways to turn the painful items in to pleasure and to turn the pleasurable items we want to stop doing in to pain.


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