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What makes a Successful Person by Danny J. Stevens

Day 36, Giant Steps in to 2012

I have been guilty of looking at the lives of others and wondering what made their life so much different from my own.   It is a view point based on assumptions and not based on truth.   I have wondered what special breaks they may have had.  I wondered if they had more education, talents, and abilities or maybe it was who they knew.

It could be true that some people may have been born in affluence, and because of the networks they have created or those of others they may get introduced to people who can help them move towards their dreams.  Yet when we realistically examine the lives of those individuals we find that these individuals have talent, abilities and they need to share them.  Not sharing their talents would create for them more pain.  We move away from the things that cause pain.  It was not always this way for them, yet they developed in to the person they wanted to become.

Part of the Six Human Needs, is the need for growth and contribution.   The individuals have developed either pleasure for what they do or are using pain to create momentum for their cause.  Therefore what is available for one person is available for all.  The exception is that the person who must share their talents and abilities is the attitude that makes the difference.  How areas in your life generate the most pain and or pleasure in your life?  Take your hard bound journal and write about this.  Then examine how this could change your life.

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