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Dealing with the Monster of Procrastination, by Danny J. Stevens

Day 42, Giant Steps in to 2012

The topic of today is a something that a large number of people.  I am affected by this and have been actively working to eliminate the habit.  It is so easy to put off making decisions.  Making the decision to not take care of something today because there is time left to take care of this down the road.  We use all kinds of excuses like; I need time to think about the implications, I am too busy to deal with this right now, I know it has to be done but it will not take that long to accomplish and you can add your excuses to this list.  What we are not saying is that we are avoiding the decision because it will cause some amount of pain, least how we have defined pain.

Eventually though we have to deal with what we put off.  Sometimes, it cost us in fines for being late, lost opportunities and loss of work or business; it could cause the loss of respect from a loved one and maybe a relationship.  Procrastination is serious.  It is a self defense behavior yet it is self destructive.   We move away from things that cause us pain, yet if the moving away from some things what is the total cost of ownership on that thought?

Time to pull out your hard bound journal; write about several actions you have been putting off.  Why?  What king of pain do you associate with doing the actions?  What is the ultimate cost t you by not doing the actions?  What does this do for your emotion, how do you feel about this?  What pleasure will you receive from moving forward on these actions right now?    In the past when you put things off was there any pleasure involved?  Awareness is the key to understanding, Action is the prescription.

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