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What you give out, you receive by Danny J. Stevens

Day 41, Giant Steps in to 2012

How do you define success?  One of the most used definitions of Success comes from Earl Nightingale.  Earl stated, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal.”   If we the psychology which Tony Robbins has been coaching us through the last several days we would express this in moving towards pleasure and avoiding pain.  Tony defined success as, “Success is to live your life in a way that causes you to consistently feel an immense amount of pleasure and very little pain – and because of your lifestyle.”   This is a different view on success.   It needs some further discussion to understand fully.  We will experience negative emotions.  Life is full of contradictions and changes.   A life void of changes or issues to solve would become boring, become void of looking forward to way lies ahead. 

Tony is speaking about the gifts of two of the six human needs.  This involves growth and contribution.  Once our basic human needs have been meet we now are no longer centered on meeting our needs.  It is at this point we can help others to meet their basic human needs so that they can grow and contribute.    Anyone is capable of growth and contribution, even if they still have not met all their own needs.  Dr. Maslow states though that the basic need for shelter, food and warmth takes precedence over any other issues in life.  Once the basic needs are met the individual will be capable of helping others.

This sound like it would take great investment and planning.  It doesn’t have to be.  It could be spending time helping out as a coach for the neighborhood sports activities.  You might take you dog or cat, with the approval of the nursing home / hospital, to see those who are lonely, sick or frightened.   Maybe it is donating time at the local food bank or just stopping in to spend time with someone who doesn’t have anyone to talk to of visit with.  There are many ways to work on growth and contribution.

An ancient scripture states, “Cast your bread upon the water and it shall be returned ten folds.”  Another scripture states, “What you sow, so shall you reap.”   The Law of Increasing Returns  states, “What you give out, you will receive in good measure.”

 What could you do today which would allow you to grow and contribute, and thus give you pleasure back in return?

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